Bistro 16 Burger 

The humble burger has seen countless makeovers and iterations: upsized, monster, gourmet, build your own, vegan, deconstructed, but nothing beats a classic beef burger.

You can find them everywhere, at family barbies, the local takeaway or on the menu of a five-star restaurant. But none are as good as the Bistro 16 burger, but we might be biased.

So where exactly did this famous worldwide sandwich come from?

According to history, the beef pattie was invented in Hamburg, Germany in the 19th century. A century later, the sandwich was created.

The Hamburg pattie was made of minced mixed with garlic, onion, salt and pepper, then formed in pattie to make the Hamburg Steak. German people were eating it without bread.

When German immigrants began to settle in their new chosen countries, many of them opened restaurants offering the Hamburg Steak. However, during the Industrial Revolution, factory workers, who used to order Hamburg Steak from food carts, found it difficult to eat them while standing. Therefore, a cook decided to add two extra slices of bread between the pattie and the Hamburg Sandwich was born.

It was not until 1891, when Oscar Weber Billy created the first burger as we know it now, by serving the pattie with two buns instead of bread.

Burgers arrived in Australia in the 20th century. Australian burgers are famous for having unusual extra ingredients on their burgers such as beetroot and pineapple even Salt and Pepper Calamari like the one on our latest Bistro 16 menu.

In our opinion, nothing beats a good old fashion beef burger so we would like to share our own Bistro 16 beef burger recipe.

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Makes 4 


500 grams Mince beef – low fat

1 Egg

100 grams Breadcrumbs

60 grams Red Onions – finely diced

10 grams Salt & Pepper

250 grams Bacon rindless (4)

4 Milk Buns or sesame seed buns

2 Tomatoes sliced

8 leaves Lettuce – Baby Cos

4 Cheese slices – tasty

100 MLS Mayonnaise – Aioli

100 MLS BBQ sauce

250 grams Oven beer batter fries


  • Combine mince, diced onions, breadcrumbs, egg, salt & pepper, roll into four balls and flatten, wrap in cling wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour
  • Cook burger patties and bacon on the BBQ, toast the buns and assemble the burgers.
  • A handy tip is to use a long wooden skewer into the buns to hold the burgers altogether.
  • Cook the beer batter fries in the oven as per the packet directions.
  • Season the fries with flake salt and dried rosemary.

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