How to make Bistro 16 Lemon Pepper Calamari Schnitzel Burger Recipe

On Wednesday 18th March just prior to the shutdown we launched our Autumn/Winter Bistro 16 menu; unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to try out all the new menu items before we closed. Our Bistro 16 creative team worked very hard to create and deliver an amazing menu designed to warm you through the colder months with delicious food. We are certain you would have been delighted with the choices. So, we thought we would share with you some of the new dishes and recipes to honour our chefs hard work.

New to the menu was the Lemon Pepper Calamari Schnitzel Burger with hollandaise sauce on a milk bun and served with beer battered fries.

One that had already become a new favourite was the Bistro 16 vegetarian supreme pizza. Along with the open lamb Souvlaki with Greek salad, flatbread, hummus and tzatziki sauce and the Korean BBQ chicken stir-fry with Asian vegetables and Hokkien noodles. It was a hard choice, come dinner time.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to Bistro 16; it will be wonderful when we can all sit back, relax and enjoy a meal together again.

Lemon Pepper Calamari Schnitzel Burger


  • 150 grams SQUID tube, crosscut
  • Crumbing mix
  • 50 grams Breadcrumbs
  • 50 grams Flour
  • Egg wash, (1 egg whisked with ¼ cup of milk)
  • 40 grams lemon pepper seasoning (Master foods)
  • 200ml of canola oil for frying
  • 2 Cos Lettuce leaves
  • 3 slices of Tomato
  • 2 slices of Salad Onion
  • 1 Burger Roll, Milk Bun or Brioche roll
  • 30 ml Tartare sauce
  • 100 grams Chips, Oven baked


Take one squid tube and split it down one side and open it out, then crosscut the squid tube without cutting through the tube, like scoring pork crackle.

Add lemon pepper seasoning to the breadcrumbs and then flour the squid tub, then egg wash and them the crumbing mix. Place the crumbed squid tub in the fridge for 1 hour to allow the crumbing mix to set.

Prepare the roll with the salad mix, then pan fry the squid tube colouring lightly each side.

Drain on kitchen paper and then place on roll with salad and dressing, serve with the fries.