Q & A with Derrick Donkor

Our Finance Assistant who kindly took the time out of his very busy schedule to share his story
THBC: When did you start at Tweed Heads Bowls Club?
DD: Well, I have been working at THBC for a little over 5 years. I started as a kitchen hand. Then in 2017, I was offered to work as a greens keeper assistant. I did those two jobs until early 2019 when I applied for and got
the opportunity to work as a Finance Assistant.
THBC: What does your average day at work look like?
DD: Our days are very busy, and some even brain racking, but I work with a great team. My daily routine is to reconcile the books and to ensure that figures being recorded into the system are accurate and balance. I really enjoy what I do in my job every day. This position challenges me to do more and always keeps my mind switched on especially, when I’m on the job. Teamwork here is phenomenal!
THBC: What made you pursue a career in Finance?
DD: While I was working in the accounts department of a consulting agency in Ghana, I realised that I was passionate about numbers and finance. When I arrived in Australia, I realised that Accounting and Finance was a field I wanted to pursue and not marketing. Therefore, I decided to study an MBA.
THBC: What did you study at University?
DD: I studied Business Administration for my Bachelors (BSc.) majoring in Marketing, and then I graduated from a Master of MBA. Now I am currently studying a Master of Professional
THBC: Where did you grow up?
DD: I grew up in the in the Central Region of Ghana in the sub-region of West Africa. I have still got my family and friends living in Swedru, Central Region of Ghana.
THBC: What is a Ghanaian traditional dish?
DD: The traditional Ghanaian dishes which I enjoy so much are: Yam with fish and vegetable, fried banana plantain or Banku with grilled fish and chilli sauce.
THBC: What is a Banku dish?
DD: Banku is a mixture of fermented corn and cassava dough cooked in hot water, into a smooth, white paste, served with soup, stew or a pepper sauce with fish.
THBC: Tell us something we don’t know about your country?
DD: Ghana used to be called The Gold Coast until 1957. The name was changed to The Republic of Ghana
after we gained our independence from the British colony. Ghana is the second largest producer of Cocoa bean in the world.
THBC: What are your hobbies?
DD: I like cooking, politics, reading, sports especially Soccer, Rugby, Swimming, Tennis and Cycling and Gardening.

Derrick Donkor, THBC Finance Assistant