Sustainability In Business: Working together for a better tomorrow

Tweed Heads Bowls Club continues to progress on our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint in our operations.


Takeaway coffee cups are piling up in landfill as Australia’s caffeine habit keeps growing. It is estimated that Australians use 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year alone, Tweed Heads Bowls Club uses 85,000 takeaway coffee cups each year.

We have partnered with Recycle Me to replace our takeaway coffee cups with recycled takeaway coffee cups ‘with a new generation lining and a specially designed collection network, guaranteeing cups and lids will be recycled into paper products and the lids into items such as plastic photo frames’.

After the first month of participation in the Recycle Me collection program and a great effort from THBC staff and cleaning supervisor Jamie Carter, we have returned 5,100 recycle me cups. It is estimated that we have saved 1.33 trees within a month.

Our next step will be to replace our current coffee cups used in The Café to Recycle Me takeaway cups. Our goal is to save 16 trees this year.


Since 2016 THBC has made a strong commitment to “go green”. July of that year saw the commissioning of 384 solar panels providing the capacity to generate 100kilowatts. Currently, Solgen Energy Group is well underway with the installation of a further 891 panels giving the capacity to produce a further 325 kilowatts. The combination of these two arrays will provide up to 23/24% of the Clubs daily power consumption.

The benefit of solar energy is that it is non-polluting making it one of the cleanest sources of energy requiring very minimal maintenance. THBC’s ample roof areas provide the ideal location for all these solar panels and coupled with Gold Coast, Tweed regions average of 245 days a year of fine and sunny weather will considerably reduce our reliance upon the national power grid as our only source of electricity.