Tweed Fruit Exchange

At Tweed Heads Bowls Club, we pride ourselves on ensuring that only the finest fresh produce gets to our members and guests. Over the years (23 years), we have developed a strong relationship with Tweed Fruit Exchange enabling us to deliver an exceptional range of seasonal produce from paddock to plate.

Tweed Fruit Exchange is proud to have built and maintained this reputation across the Tweed Shire for 3 generations and 80 years. Tweed Fruit Exchange opened its doors in 1939 by Nick Varela, George Varela and their brother-in-law Archie Pouloudis. 80 years later Paul Pouloudis and his wife Maree have continued to uphold the family business.

Paul was born into the industry and actively worked on continuing to uphold the family philosophy and traditions. His favourite memory was when he was a kid, he used to go to the Brisbane Market with his father. He is now the third generation to manage the business.

Nowadays, he goes twice a week to the Brisbane Market at 4 am to choose the freshest produce. 98% of his fruits and vegetables are grown in Australia, some are imported such as garlic, kiwi fruits (from New Zealand and Italy) and grapes (from California).

He is trying his hardest to get local produce, however, it is harder to get as there are fewer farms around. However, 100% of his sweet potatoes, passionfruits and bananas are grown locally.